The choice is examined by Stewarts Garden Centre’s rose expert Andrew Summerhayes


Stewarts Garden Centre’s Andrew Summerhayes showing off a beautiful rose example


One of the team at the Stewarts Garden Centres is regarded as having the most knowledge of Rose plants and the varieties as Andrew Summerhayes, formerly of Merrist Wood College, has over 40 years in horticulture. Now with an ever growing, and perhaps daunting choice of varieties and types of the popular plant, Andrew gives some advice on what to consider to best suit your garden.

The first consideration is what type of gardener are you and what location you intend to plant a new rose. Many varieties of rose plants can be planted and left to survive for many years with little time and care applied.

What type of rose will be most appropriate for the location you have in mind? Would a traditional English bush rose with a magnificent perfume be the best choice or would a climbing or rambling rose give a wider spread of colour? Different colours and scent can be optional in most of these types of plant. The length of flowering time and the seasons during which they bloom can also be a consideration.

Patios and conservatories can also be home to potted varieties that can live as house plants with the benefit of being able to replant them in a flower bed later on.

“Many roses are purchased to commemorate an occasion or act as a memorial to a person or pet. Gift roses are now extremely popular as long lasting presents requiring very little care and attention,” said Andrew Summerhayes. “The good news is that many of the gardening programmes on TV and radio frequently offer advice on pruning, repotting and soil care for roses and there are many websites that can cover the subject.”

One of the favourite varieties showing interest this year is the Eye of the Tiger with its yellow flower with a dark red spot which has recently been introduced to the public.

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