Assembled Stewarts staff members braving the shave for cancer research


Paul Hilliam, the manager at Stewarts Christchurch Garden Centre, confirmed that he is now all clear after two major surgeries. Paul embarked on an extensive course of radio and chemotherapy on his head and neck cancer.

Since the diagnosis of the cancer in 2013, Paul has received great care and support from Macmillan Cancer Support. Paul asked for volunteers to have their head shaved for sponsorship as part of Macmillan’s Brave the Shave campaign.

Targeting £2k

Paul says: “I am delighted that so far, 21 of our team, including two of the female members, have signed up. Our target is to raise over £2,000 for the charity through sponsorship. Pledges are coming in thick and fast.”

Despite the enthusiasm to use gardening shears and other instruments to shave the heads, they will all be shaved in a safe manner. The shave will be a public event at the Christchurch centre.

Managing Director Martin Stewart, says: “I have offered Paul my congratulations on his great news. I am both proud and inspired by the goodwill that the team is showing in their support for this initiative to fund this vital charity.”

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