Mavis the red vintage Mini is helping to drive an important message to the plant buying public while they visit Stewarts Garden Centre at Broomhill near Wimborne. Mavis is surrounded by a range of plants grown by a multitude of British growers.

Terry Head, head of retail and marketing at the horticultural based Stewarts, said that they are showing that the majority of the popular plants favoured by the regional gardeners can be soucred within the UK and still be retailed at competitive prices. “We are reminding visitors to consider patriotic planting. This year we have made a focused effort to fill our two centres with beautiful plants cultivated by British nurseries. Over 90 per cent of our stock will be sourced as locally, including over 11 per cent being supplied by our own nursery here at Broomhill” said Terry.

Importing of plants has seen the decline of UK growers, and garden centres which originated for long established nurseries have turned their back on nurturing their own plants from seed.


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