Promotion for Kat Hunt at Stewarts


Stewarts Garden Centres has promoted Katherine Hunt from Bedding Supervisor to Plant Buyer for their 3 centres. Kat relocated to the Christchurch area in September 2016 having gained a wealth of experience within London based garden centres for over 10 years.

“I was very fortunate to be recruited by Stewarts and to now have the opportunity to become even more involved in the selection of plants for such a long established horticultural business,” said Kat. “Being so interested in plants it is my dream job. I will now have the opportunity to visit nurseries and growers across the UK to select the best choice and varieties for our customers.”

Terry Head, Retail and Marketing Director, said that he is delighted that Kat has accepted the new role: “Kat has a great knowledge of horticulture driven by a passion for plants and will help to drive new stock ideas and maintain the high standard of stock that we present to our customers.”

The award winning Stewarts Garden Centres is a long established family owned business (since 1742) that still keeps its roots secured deep in horticulture. To boost the 700,000 individual plants sourced from major suppliers, an additional 11% are cultivated at their own Nursery.

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