(from left) Terry Head Welcomes The Mayor of Christchurch, Cllr Lesley Dedman to the Primrose Festival with Katherine Hunt


The Mayor of Christchurch, Councillor Mrs Lesley Dedman, officially launched the Primrose Festival hosted by Stewarts Garden Centres. The festival celebrated the remarkable plant displays of many of the key varieties of Primroses (Primula vulgaris) which last winter, proved how tough it can be when it survived 2018’s snow and low temperatures (- 4C) as Britain endured the weather period nicknamed the “Beast from the East”.

Katherine Hunt, the Outdoor Plant Buyer Manager at Stewarts said: “They are such brilliant survivors that provide superb colours throughout the winter and spring no matter what the weather does and they look great in borders, containers or hanging baskets. This year we will have our largest displays showing the splendid variety of colours. Its multiple flower head is appreciated by many insects including bumble bees and can be a welcome addition for a wildlife friendly garden.”

The Mayor took the opportunity to meet with Terry Head, Director of Retail and Marketing to discuss various horticultural events in the town. Terry Head said that they have a variety of projects that they are supporting within the community including a Sweet Pea growing competition for schools ahead of July’s Sweet Pea Society show and will be encouraging local gardeners to plant wildlife friendly plants and shrubs to encourage bee and butterfly population growth.

The award winning Stewarts Garden Centres is a long established family owned business (since 1742) that still keeps its roots secured deep in horticulture. To boost the 700,000 individual plants sourced from major suppliers, an additional 11% are cultivated at their own Nursery.

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