Animal Area

Welcome to Stewarts Broomhill Animal and Play Area

A great way to entice the children to a morning or afternoon at the garden centre!
The animal and play area is a large safe space of open grass, play equipment and some very friendly animals. With plenty of picnic tables dotted about there is room to sit and relax whilst watching the children at play.

Our coffee shop can provide all your catering needs from children’s munch boxes, take away teas, coffees and sandwiches. There is also a selection of ice creams and ice lollies available too.

Our pygmy goat, Bertie, loves a little attention. For a goat, he really isn’t really that greedy and all he really wants is to climb up and watch what’s going on.

As well as our goat, we have white Aylesbury ducks in their lovely pond enclosure. Some of our ducks were from a duck egg production farm and had never even seen grass or a pond before coming here! Watching them take their first swim was fantastic. They have certainly got the hang of it now! Our ducks and chickens are under an enclosure for now due to the rise in Avian Flu. 

An ideal place to visit on school holidays, or after picking up the children from school. We have lots of mums who drop their older children to school and then meet other mummies for a drink in the coffee shop and a quick play with the younger children in the animal and play area.  With free parking and not far to walk, it’s an ideal location. Come and have a look.

Opening times Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am to 4.30pm

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