Artificial Christmas Trees

We are proud to stock Everlands premium artificial Christmas trees, including some very lifelike options that customers have to get very close to in order to prove to themselves aren’t real!

These trees are modelled on real trees, each range being based on a different type and each having a slightly different “tweaking” technique to get it looking fabulous once it’s out of the box.

Our artificial trees are all hinged, so there’s no working out which branch fits where, you just gently let the branches out then tweak the smaller brances to add depth.

An artificial tree can be used year after year, doesn’t require watering (so you don’t need to worry about your pets lapping up the tree water) and tend to have a fuller, more regular shape than real trees. We even sell ‘scenticles’ to hang on the tree to add that real-tree fragrance.

Everlands trees come with a standard 2 year warranty that can be extended to 12 years by signing up here.

As with all products, our trees are subject to availability and stock is not guaranteed at each Garden Centre, so if you’ve got your heart set on a certain tree we advise calling ahead to check stock before you visit.

Lodge Slim Pine

The Lodge Slim Pine is perfect for smaller spaces, and fits snugly in corners.

It’s made from 100% PVC so lighter weight than the alternatives.

Canada Spruce

The Canada Spruce is a bushy tree that ticks all the boxes for festive cheer.

It’s made from a mixture of lightweight PVC and harder PE, which is used for the tips, giving a more realistic finish.

View the assembly video below.

Frosted Vermont Spruce

The Frosted Vermont is a fabulous snowy tree, so if your goal is a snow-capped theme look no further.

A PE-PVC mix, these trees have lifelike tips.

View the assembly video below.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is a fantastically lifelike tree.

It’s a PE-PVC mix with hand-painted details to really add that extra dimension to the tree.

Grandis Fir

The Grandis Fir is one of our most popular. Available in a range of heights, from 120-240cm, you’re sure to find the right height for you.

Made from a PE-PVC mix with hand-painted tips and branches, this is another lifelike tree.

View the assembly video below.

Frosted Grandis Fir

The Frosted Grandis has all the benefits of the Grandis Fir but with added snow!

Easy to set up, realistic needles and a range of heights, this is our ‘Frosted Favourite’.

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