Designed to impress visitors with its huge variety of plants and flowers, a Dorset garden centre has opened a new flower shop display within its Christchurch Centre.

A real Catharine Wilson in the colourful fake flower shop

Created by Stewarts Garden Centre team member Catharine Wilson, the flower shop has a large display of fake, synthetic, artificial plants and flowers that can often fool the eye into believing that they are real.

Terry Head, retail and marketing director said that the sale of the fantastic fake flowers contributes around 7.8% of their house plant department’s turnover.

“We believe that the display within the new fake flower shop will change the opinions of many who are still not enjoying the trend of using these very detailed replicas to enhance their homes, especially if real plants struggle to survive within a room or area that is not suitable long term for living plants,” he said.

The flower shop has been created within the house plant section and many of the flowers stocked are frequently used by Stewart’s interior design department that successfully specialises in decorating offices and reception areas for businesses in the region.

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