Great British Biscotti

Great British Biscotti Co are pleased to introduce a new innovative and exciting range of both sweet and savoury biscotti – a world first!

Too long have we been restricted to the traditional Almond flavour, with their new range of four delicious sweet and three irresistible savoury biscotti, you will never be stuck for choice!

Their four tantalising sweet flavours can be coupled perfectly with any cup of Coffee, Hot Chocolate or Tea.

A simply delicious accompaniment to any cheeseboard, charcuterie platter, canapé base, crouton in a soup or salad or simply as a snack by itself with a glass of wine. Whichever way you choose, their three wonderful savoury flavours are highly versatile for any occasion.

Biscotti 1 Biscotti 3 Biscotti 2
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