For the fourth year in a row, children visiting the Stewarts Garden Centres at Christchurch and Broomhill in the run up to Easter, will be challenged to find six giant Easter eggs hidden within each centre.

Paul Hilliam (left) and Emily Kidgell show off giant Easter eggs

Between 23 and 31 March, six giant Easter eggs will be hidden within the Stewarts’ Christchurch and Broomhill garden centres and children will be challenged to find them.

“It sounds easy as the eggs are big,” said the manager of the Christchurch centre Paul Hilliam, who explained that several hundred children enter every year. “But it’s amazing how many youngsters fail to find all of them. There is no time limit so we encourage them to take their time and to carefully mark the six locations on the entry form.”

Every young entrant who completes the entry form will receive a chocolate treat and also have the chance of winning a special hamper after a draw on Monday 2 April 2018.

Entrants will be encouraged to make a donation to the centres’ charity of the year, Diverse Abilities, which supports people with profound physical and learning disabilities.

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