As you may have heard, from much media speculation regarding Garden Centres opening, we are now legally allowed to open our doors again from Wednesday at 9:00am.

We are ready to open, however we are apprehensive and cautious about the prospect as we want our Teams, and all Visitors, safe.

We have set an initial limit (as advised by the Government guidelines) of 75 Customers within the Garden Centre at Christchurch, with 45 at Broomhill and Abbey. We will review these figures on an ongoing basis.

We clearly have no idea how many people will turn up to shop, so have no idea how long a queue we might get. We therefore want to make the following statement to help visitors understand the position we might find ourselves in:

Firstly, we have been busy filling the Garden Centres with fresh stocks of Bedding Plants in particular and have plenty, so there is no need for people to rush down at once, we will be operating our normal opening hours. (we will NOT be open late nights on Thursdays for the time being).

Secondly, the Coffee Shops will NOT be open and nor do we expect them to be for quite a while.

Thirdly, we will NOT be allowing family groups, no dogs, and a maximum of one person and one child per trolley.

Fourthly, under normal circumstances we have always been a place to browse, meet friends, and calmly wander. Could we please ask that that is not how we are treated to start with (certainly not during the first phase) we do not want a queue of people outside waiting for people to leave who are happily just wandering around!

The first few weeks is about helping people get what they need to enjoy their Garden. Please understand. We can revert to being a community meeting place in time. Not right now!

Finally, we will expect everyone to abide by social distancing guidelines and take whatever extra precautions (e.g. wearing face masks) they wish.

We have been cleaning public areas, trolley handles, chip & pin machines and have wipes, and sanitiser points at the entrance and around the centres.

Please, please, please, help us make these next few days orderly and safe. We do not wish to have any ‘issues’ at Stewarts. We need this to run in a calm and orderly way as we start to try and emerge from this difficult period.

We look forward to seeing you when you feel comfortable and safe venturing out.

Best Wishes and thank you for your understanding.

Martin Stewart

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