The Scented Night Time Garden

by Susan A. Tindall Some plants emit their fragrance at night. These fragrances are generally intense, even memorable, in the darkness adding both simplicity and mystery to the experience. In practical terms the main night-pollinators in the UK are moths. These insects are attracted by scent at the ‘sweet’ end of the fragrance spectrum. The

Growing Strawberries

By John Hawkins If you’ve tasted strawberries straight from your garden, you’ll know how delicious they are… As summer has arrived, it is time to think about one of this country’s favourite fruits, the strawberry. If it is a fruit that you can enjoy, you should easily be able to grow some – they do

Weber BBQ’s

By Karl Read A juicy steak seared to perfection, crispy grilled vegetables, tasty succulent chicken, sweet and delicious chocolate brownies! It is possible to cook all these things and more on a Weber BBQ! Weber build a wide range of gas, charcoal, electric and portable BBQ’s for people who want to enjoy a casual, relaxed

Garden Parties

By Rebecca Moy Everyone loves summer, it’s a time for fresh air, warmth and outdoor fun.  With the warm evenings we all tend to extend our time outside and this often includes al fresco dining, during the day or into the evening. There is nothing quite like an outdoor garden party, it’s great fun and

New Forest Strawberry Crumble Cake

By Doug Cameron and Chris Allen The long summer nights have begun and are a great chance to enjoy the garden with some good food and good company. This time of year is a great time to find fresh local fruit and vegetables and here at Stewarts we aim to use as much local and

Homegrown is where it’s ‘appenin!

By Glenda Stansbury We all know you cannot beat the satisfaction of growing your own fruit and veg and the immense pleasure it brings to pick your own fruits of labour. The toil of previous months seem to get swept away on the first taste of your crop, yes, those flavours really are more intense

Do we take plants for granted?

By Rebecca Moy Having worked since the age of 13 with plants and still working with them now, it reminded me how we really should celebrate that we live our lives surrounded by them and that they still amaze me! Just for a second, imagine life without plants. For a start you probably wouldn’t be

The Bedding Season

By John Hawkins  In the 1960s the bedding season was totally different from today, both in its length and its range of plants. The first of the box bedding appeared in the month of May and by box I mean in a wooden seed tray of 48 plants (pre decimal) and if you only wanted

Wildlife Friendly Gardening

By Tim Bucknall There’s no room for complacency though – through intensive farming the countryside is getting less and less wildlife-friendly, and so it falls more and more to gardeners to support wildlife. So what are the best ways to do this? All creatures need the right habitat, and it’s possible to provide a range of

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