About our Nursery

Growing has been part of the Stewarts family culture since 1742.  From growing forest trees in Scotland, plants for camouflage for the war and these days adapting to today’s market growing wonderful cottage garden plants, shrubs and grasses.  We are proud that over 260 years we still maintain our roots of growing our own plants to sell within our garden centres.  Every plant that comes from our own nursery sits proudly in our plant departments with its own ‘home grown label’.  We grow value for money quality beautiful plants, good for the purse strings and as they come from our own nursery we cut out many air miles of buying elsewhere.   So when you visit our centres look out for the home grown labels, grown in Dorset and tendered and nurtured by our very own experienced nursery team.  

As well as supplying our own garden centres we also sell our beautiful plants to other garden centres throughout the country and to the Channel Islands.  Please note we do not have a cash and carry facility or sell to landscaping businesses.  If you would like more information please call the nursery team on 01202 888443 we would be happy to help.

We are currently in the process of constructing an innovative and highly productive state-of-the-art Agri-Tech Glasshouse growing facility, creating improved materials handling, varied heating zones, incorporating low carbon technology and to create a horticultural-based education facility. This project is with the support of Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership and Low Carbon Dorset.

More details to follow shortly.

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