Bee populations are sadly in decline the world over due to a number of reasons ranging from human interference to foreign parasites. Bees are such an important part of our ecosystem; we need them not just for pollinating our flowers (which we love here at Stewarts) but our food crops too (let’s be honest, we also love food!).

It was with this in mind that we decided to get some beehives positioned on site, managed by professional beekeeper Rob from Beeline Honey. At Stewarts Christchurch there are now 12 hives, constantly buzzing with enthusiasm of the thousands of lady bees working tirelessly. Our honey bees pollinate not just the plants in the Garden Centre but those in fields, gardens and allotments up to 3 miles away, so if you live nearby they may be helping your garden too!

Stewarts Christchurch Honey Dorset

The honey made in our hives is then removed from the honeycomb at Beeline HQ and put into our beautiful jars, which were designed by Amy Stewart.

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