Organisation and responsibilities

We fully undertake to maintain a safe working environment for all employees and sub contractors, and in particular where the use of plant machinery or hazardous substances may be applied. We ensure the safety of the general public where they may be affected by the company activities by reviews on a regular basis. We report/assess and monitor all/any health and safety issues/arrangements on a regular basis through meetings, directly to the Managing Director, any incident that has bought about, or may have bought about, an injury, or otherwise, that may be hazardous to Health and Safety are also identified at these meetings.

All managers are experienced in their line of work. They are not necessarily qualified (certificated) with regards to health and safety, but have gained experience in this due to knowledge and competency within their field. Arrangements are made within the company for all managers for guidance and advice by using trained consultants in relevant fields including health and safety and personnel. We also use the HTA and HSE as required for online/telephone advice and help.

The Company and all employees at all levels have a responsibility for health and safety. Managers ensure that appropriate information and instruction is given to all employees and monitored through meetings, appraisals and as required.

All employees report to their duty managers/managers with regards to any health and safety matters and vice versa through meetings/as required. All duty managers/managers report to the Managing Director and vice versa through meetings/as required.

Incidents/accidents are evaluated where applicable. If necessary the incident/accident is evaluated in the form of a risk assessment and this is then discussed through with relevant employees members at meetings or add hoc as required.

All machinery/equipment is evaluated and assessed on purchase. Risk assessments are created and relevant employees are shown in house how to operate the machine/equipment safely and any associated risks.


All employees complete an induction when joining the department making them aware of all safety procedures (attached with this document). This includes items such as accident reporting, health and safety arrangements/duties/responsibilities, fire evacuation, welfare etc. All employees sign the induction form on completion of this to say they have understood all. Before commencement of work, each employee is given thorough in house training on the equipment they will be using and associated hazards/risk assessments. Employees sign on completion of these. Any additional training whether in house or external is made aware at this time. Training needs are also discussed on a yearly basis during employees’ appraisals.

Training record/risk assessments/signature forms are created for each new employee with review dates as appropriate. Any outside training course/refresher courses are also highlighted within these training records. Copies of all certificates are kept within the employees personnel file.

A company Manual and Health and Safety Policy is given to all employees at the start of their employment. The Company Manual and Health and Safety Policy is reviewed on a regular basis. When additions and amendments are made all employees are given a new a copy.

All employees made aware at inductions how important it is to feed back any causes for concern with regards to health and safety. To assist them with this we have created ‘near miss/cause for concern forms for all staff to use.  This form is then handed to the manager so that they can assess the situation and put correct controls in place for future safe working practice.

Risk Assessments/Method Statements 

All significant risks associated with the business activities are identified and control measures (method statements) implemented as required Before commencement of work, each employee is given thorough in house training on the equipment they will be using and associated hazards/risk assessments/control measures. Employees sign on completion of these once they have understood. No machinery/equipment is allowed to be used without having first been inducted on these.

All risk assessments are reviewed on an annual basis. If changes are made then employees are made aware of these. All risk assessments/control measures are available in the office for viewing by employees at all times. Any new machinery/equipment purchased is assessed before given to employees for use. All employees are inducted on this before commencement of using.


All chemicals and substances which have a possible hazard implication to an employees health are assessed for their risk. COSHH assessment forms are created for each one. These are reviewed annually unless we have been notified by outside relevant sources that a certain product has been removed from supply.

Any product which has been removed is disposed of under correct regulations by using a licensed disposal company. All safety data sheets are stored with each COSHH assessment sheet and are available for viewing by employees using the products at all times. Employees are advised that no substances are allowed to be employed or produced outside of the MAFF approved pesticides list. Any additional chemicals substances used are assessed as required and a COSHH sheet is produced. Employees whom spray all hold current pesticide spray certificates. All chemicals used on sites are recorded.

First Aid and Accident Reporting

All employees are advised to take reasonable and practical precautions to guard against inflicting personal injury on themselves or to colleagues or visitors. First aid kits are supplied for vehicles and in offices. When working on commercial sites, first aid help can be provided as required by the client. Vehicle kits are subject to regular and scheduled inspection to ensure that they remain in proper condition. All employees are given the information at induction with regards to procedures of all accidents and injuries and reporting. Accidents are recorded in the accident books and notified to RIDDOR if appropriate. All injuries sustained at work should be reported to the recipients’ medical practitioner as required. A doctor’s note is required for more than 3 days absence.

If a an employee has sustained an injury either at work or home that we feel may effect their performance, health or safety whilst working we like to approach the employee for authorisation to contact their doctor. This is done in a form of a letter to the employee and a further letter to the doctor. All letters give the employee their rights as of the access to medical records ACT 1988. Wherever possible and appropriate for both the Company and the employee other duties (if possible) will be given if the doctor has requested light duties short term.

All employees must fill out a back to work report when returning after absence. This helps the Company assess the situation and forward best practice.

All accidents are reported to a supervisor/manager so a suitable entry can be recorded in the accident book, irrespective of the severity of any injury. Every accident is assessed and any underlying causes identified. If a risk assessment is a appropriate then this will be raised and discussed with the employee and other relevant members.

Employees Welfare

Where employees work off site they are provided by all commercial contracts the use of washroom and toilet facilities. When working in private gardens clients support this or we find the nearest public convenience for the employees to go to, also providing them with cleansing disinfected wipes for each vehicle. For lone workers risk assessments/control measures are provided.

Manual Handling Operations

An in house risk assessment for manual handling has been created highlighting the associated risks and control measures. Employees are trained by an outside trainer with regards to associated hazards. Copies of certificates are kept in employees personnel file. The Company makes it clear to all employees that we do not ask anything of them beyond their capability. If they require help in lifting etc they must ask for help and the Company supports this.

Personal Protective Equipment

All employees are provided with PPE as required to the relevant tasks they carry out. All employees are made aware that they must wear this at the appropriate times. All employees are made aware that they must notify any defects immediately to the manager. Renewal of PPE is supplied as required.

Machinery and Equipment

All employees are provided with the correct machinery and equipment to carry out all tasks. Employees are made aware at induction that visual inspections must be made to every piece before use. Any defects must be reported to the Manager and assessed whether they are safe to use before using. If they are unsafe then the manager assesses whether these require replacement or mending and whichever the appropriate is completed.

All equipment is checked and serviced regularly by a competent employee and recorded. Full services or works beyond their capability are then carried out by a local company. Invoices are kept for 2 years as a record for replacement/repair.

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