Whilst there are a number of different standards that are widely used throughout the UK and internationally we as a Company choose those best suited to our business needs and requirements. We have adopted these standards to assist with keeping us focused for our future, to benefit us in improving customer satisfaction, internal efficiencies and employee involvement.

We are full members of the following recognised professional bodies, which aid and support us in achieving the above.

  • Safe Contractor
  • Horticultural Trades Association
  • The Approved Professional Landscapers
  • The Garden Centre Association

Many of the above require certain aspects before becoming a full member such as intricate vetting processes and conformities.

We can share and gain information with regards to all aspects of our industry from standards existing and new, new legislation, health and safety, awards for best standard and practice and much more.

Purchasing and ordering

All managers are in control of all purchasing and ordering. Electronic systems are in place for the Garden Centres for ordering. For other departments purchasing is completed via paper route and added to the system as it arrives to site.

We purchase good quality stock in all areas of the business. This is analysed regularly by comparison of other suppliers’ goods at trade shows and viewing competitors’ goods. We will not purchase below par goods as we pride ourselves on our competitive, good value and quality stock and services.

Stock Control, delivery, supply chain and information management

For the Garden Centres stock levels are monitored as frequently as required, these are all on our integrated IT system. Information is available at a touch of a button and stock levels are evaluated regularly. Past year stock levels can be measured against up to date stock levels and all goods are ordered electronically and bar-coded.

Stock is ordered as required; only small levels are kept on a day-to-day basis to ensure we have the freshest stock as possible for our clients. Stock control levels are monitored each quarter (3 months). Stock is added to system as it arrives on site and allocated to clients as required.

Information is available electronically for areas of the business including clients’ details, purchased goods, stock sold or on rental etc.

Invoicing is completed electronically using the Opera  (Pegasus) system.

We are also Ariba Suppliers. This enables any customers whom are Ariba Buyers to send electronic paperless purchase orders and for Stewarts Landscaping to raise and send electronic paperless invoices.

Delivery is controlled and delivered at agreed dates. All goods are checked on delivery arrival for quality and quantity. Any damaged or below par quality goods are returned via delivery vehicles at the time of arrival and the supplier notified.

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