Building & Landscaping Process

Once you have approved your garden design/planting plan and the planning stage is complete, we will visit you and discuss the project through in full to then provide you with a free quotation, if required. Your quotation will include a detailed breakdown of costs for all the aspects of your garden for easy reading. Terms & conditions and guarantees for all works carried out are provided.

Garden_Design_Process2Before commencement the team leader who will be in charge of the build and/or landscape of your garden will be introduced to you and will remain in regular contact throughout.

The team leader will have day-to-day control of construction matters from start to completion, but will liaise with the designer as required on a regular basis. Any changes or additions are agreed with you before being carried out. The work will start on a date agreed with you and will continue without interruption (weather permitting) until practical completion.

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